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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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those who are hurt straight ahead. and political protesting continuing just ahead of the elections in haiti. the violence and the chaos caught on camera. plus a one and only exclusive, an officer being invesgated this morning over verbal abuse allegations. why he allegedly cursed out a teenager. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> hi, everybody. i'm crewing crying in forejacey. we're going to get to all those stories in just a couple minutes. first we want to check in with youo weather authority meteorologist julie durda. julie durda. >> it's a little chilly. you've got to have that extra cup of coffee or hot tea or hot chocolate because you're going to feel it as you walk out the door. the dry atmosphure we've had has been really nice for our hair.right, ladies and gentlemen? it's been nice. it's refreshing change. enjoy it for probably the last morning, especially with
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because once we see the shift in the wind direction, the heat and humidity returns off the westerntlantic and you'll definitely notice the changes. it's all about the cool conditions, temperature in the low 50s. 58 degrees in key west. a northwest wind providing for that cool air to settle all the way into south florida. we felt it yesterday. right now 52 cool degree in pembroke pines as well as pompano beach. it's 55 in marathon. that's when you know that cold air has settled in. these temperatures are anywhere between one and five degrees colder than yesterday. temperatures will only reach the low 70s. a few degrees warmer than yesterday and this will be the beginning of the roller-coaster in temperatures and our rain chances. i'll have all that coming up. >> thanks so much. i-95 northbound at ives dairy road, we do have an accident here this morning. here are the road rangers right there. these tweets are blocking the accident scene. quickly checking our
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the maps, i'm not seeing any delays either. it's 5:00 in the morning. those speeds not really going to slow y y down. 595 west-bound this morning,g,nother accident to get to. it looks like off the exit ramp to the turnpike. those speeds at 30 mimis per hour. that crash reported roughly 30 minutes ago so hopefully it's clearing up. finally really serious crash this morning happening in broward county. this one off of cypress creek road right under neither i-95. looks like those folks tryingo travel south on 95. those speeds there about 18 miles per hour. we'll keep our eyes on this one as it develops throughout the morning. >> thank you. an uber fight in miami-dade county. those ordinances would
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ride-share services with operate. ben kennedy is live to explain what these ordinances would mean. >>reporter: good m@rning, kristi. as you were talking about uber disagrees calling this ordinance hostile. if they pass, they say they are out. it would require@ all transportation network drivers hold higher limit commercial insurance at all times not just for the passenger. it would also require drivers undergo county background checks. >> i think it would be beneficial for the county as a whole if we know whose driving our residents. >>reporter: uber did put out an ad targeting the president. there is a second proposal which would keep insurance as it is and background checks in
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like uber a and lyft. uber says they already do background checks on all their drivers so really some should not be anynyind of a problem. they will be talking about this proposed legislation in a couple hours inside county hall behind me and we will be there. ben kennedy, local 10 news. breaking jefferson night, at least 19 people are dead. multiple gunman stormed a university. the attack unfoldedd in the university. also breaking ovnight, the oldest christian monetary in iraq has been reduced rubble. the saint alie gentleman's monetary had stood for hundreds of years out satellite pictures confirm it has been destroyed. planning already next year to stop the
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up again on monday's bikes up, guns down ride. hundreds of riders came to tow yards to pick up their bikes. in all 59 bikes and atvs confiscated io the ride from miami-dade to broward counties. bikers say the ride is an anti-violence movement to h honor martin luther king, jr. miami police made five gun related charges. broward's sheriff's officials tell us they couldn't do much because they didn't know the ride was coming to town. >> you have to look at the end result. there were no traffic fatalities. there were no mass arrests. there were no use of force and there were no riots. so the course of action we chose ended up being what's best for the county. >> the bikers say the ride will happen again next year on martin luther king day. the broward sheriff's
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they will be prepared. new for you this morning, an s.u.v. flipped on to its roof during a wreck. this was the screen on martinique drive. we're told the silver car ran a stop sign, hit an s.u.v. causing it to flip. the drivers were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition yet. a miami police officer under investigation after he allegedly cursed out a teenag and when i father during a traffic stop. eduard says he and his son were abused last year by a police officer on the florida turnpike after the boy whoust got his learner's permit accidently cut another driver off. a cilian investigative panel is looking into this. they met lifetime night to discuss possibly disciplinary action but could not put it to a vote because not enough
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and a hearing was held yesterday in the retrial of a boynton beach woman accused of hiring an under cover police officer to kill her husband. dalia dippoto was accused of solicitation to commiturder. in 2014 a court of appeals reversed that decision. in yesterday's hearing dalia dippolito's attorney questioned her former lover. the defense is arguing he only came forward about thelot because police forced him to do sonchts the testimony today because of the under cover informant established that he was pressured, coerced, intimidated and threatened to be prosecuted unless he tipped in this investigation. >> police say dippolito hired an under cov officer who was posing as a hit man to kill her now ex-husband. she says she only did that thinking she was taping a reality tv show.
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begin on the 23rd. haiti in turmoil as the rougheroffpresidential elections approach. thousands of demonstrators flooding the streets setting things on hire, hurling rocks and chanting get your guns ready. the video posted on facebook yesterday shows a freedom of the seas surrounded by groups of protestors and small boats. the captain decided not to let passengers off of the ship. royal caribbean believes these people were protesting the runoff election this weekend. here's a a map of the destination. royal caribbean releasing a statement in part saying it was clear that if the protests continued, there could be significant impact on your guest's built to enjoy the island. investigators set fire to tires: our own
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traveling to haiti to cover those elections. look for her live coverage that begins on friday here on local 10. some of the migrants who were stranded in central america are settling now in the northeast. this is video of a group of cubans who relocated in new jersey. they are being welcomed. they did this on monday. improving relations between cuba and the u.s., that's prompted thousands of people to leave the island nation. cubans have been make their way to the u.s. border. some 8,000 migrants havav been stuck in costa rica after nicaragua closed its border to them. the coast guard says it is suspending etc. search for marines that crashed off the coast of oahu. a civilian on beach report seeing those helicopters flying and then a fire ball. all four life rafts that were aboard those helicopters were later found empty. it is believed the two
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to you the people of france, i say tonight i'm sorry and iill fix it. no citizen of this great state should endure this kind of catastrophe. >> and that is michigan governor rick snyder at yesterday's state of the state address apologizing to the people of flint for their recent water crisis. the republican governor devoted much of that hour-long speech to that disaster. he said he would appeal president obama's deny hamilton a federal disaster declaration for that area. coming up this morning, you know this, don't mess with mom. mother fighting off would-be carjackers at a gas station. more of t ts video ahead on local 10 news at 5:30. and aggressive panhandler arrested. the amount of cash found on a man asking other for money >> as i'm getting them out, you say i'll help you get them out because i don't want to have to
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tt2w`t2n`qd" bt@q#v( tt2w`t2n`qd" "a@q3zl tt2w`t2n`qd" bm@q8q@ tt4w`t2n`qd"" dztq 8@, tt4w`t2n`qd"" entq hdl tt4w`t2n`qd"" gzt& qc4 tt4w`t2n`qd"" hnt& amx tt4w`t2n`qd"" iztq +$ tt4w`t2n`qd"" jntq 9t@ tt4w`t2n`qd"" lzt& !9< > this morning you might be able to see a rare planetary display >> all visible in a line for about 45 minutes before sunrise. if you need some help knowing where it look. the u.s. naval observatory has an app. jupiter and venus stand out and mars looks a little red. one of those once in a to see. brbrk in the cloud cover
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now we have the subtropical jestream over us and it's been filtering in those mid and high level clouds and unfortunately i think that might be the& issue. let's keep our fingers ossed 45 minutes to sunrise. that will be around 6:15! so in about an hour go outside and run back in because you're going to need to arm up. even 58 degrees in key west. that's cooler than yesterday by one degree. i know that doesn't sound very impressive, but believe it or not for you in key west you know it is because that's something we haven't seen since february of 2015. it's amazing how cold this air mass is thaha settled on top of us in south florida and provided for a very nice couple of days we had. enjoy it. 52 cool degrees in pembroke pines as well as kendall. that 55 is in marathon. can you believe that? 52 in pompano beach. winds out of the northwest. that's the cool air connection. that's been able to keep
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over south florida. these temperatures are anywhere between one and five degrees cooler than what happen we woke up to yesterday. we're not the only ones feeling it. our friends across the panhandle waking up to our 20s and 30s during a freeze warning over parts of jacksonville, tampa under a freeze warning until 9:00 a.m. this will be the culprit for us not to be able to see all the planets as we approach sunrise. the good news is those clouds are not producing precipitation. high pressure keeping us under a dry, stable atmosphere for one more day. this front over the rockies is actually going to be the one that's going to bring us a better chance of storms going into friday and saturday and bring us another cool down by sunday. as you can see we're expecting today a northeast breeze. increases the humidity and our temperatures. really going to notice a difference going into thursday and friday ahead of that front we'll see winds start to moveve in from the south. temperatures will
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it will increase that chance of storm as the front increases we'll see the temperates drop back down to the 50s by saturday morning. don't put the sweaters yet. hey, you guys, traveling on the turnpike southbound golden g gdes. construction crews are out there this morning. southbound, golden glades right there not distance. again, those crews are scheduled to be there until aboutut 5:30 in the morning. with all this, it's not causing any delays from our traffic data. we can see in real time what your slowdowns are. looks like between 54 to 56 miles per hour. that's the turnpike
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road, an earlier crash. remains the same. our travel speeds not affected at 64 miles per hour. a little further down south we're nice and clear. as soon as any new accidents pop up, i'm coupating twitter. make sure you're following us at twitter wplg local 10. you may pass panhandlers just about every day on our streets without any problems at all, b!t in fresno, california officers hauled this man away and hauled away $1800 in cash after they arrested 43-year-old kevin joy. police say he was arrested and charged more than 60 times last year. 11 times within the last three weeks alone. some people who have given him money tell police he was so aggressive they kind of felt like they were being robbed. multiple people trapped with vehicle on fire.&
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foxx who helped sav a driver in a crash. these pictures show how damaged. kyle allegedly driving drunk and speeding when he crash mood a ditch, then his truck flipped over andaught fire. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i just look at it like this just had to do something. >> foxx said he hea the crash, followed by screaming. he ran to the car where he found a man still buckled into his feet. foxx was able to drag the man out of the vehicle@ before the car engulfed in flames. the father gave foxx a hug right there to show his gratitude. the victimas a few broken bones but is expected to be o okay. the list of the mostt hacked passwords. >> here's the question,
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>> not really. to hack pass wards. >> topping the list is still one two three four
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pass ward. >> fourth are the letters under your left hand. >> i thought that was creative. >> not at all. those are your tech bytes. >> no wonder we're always getting hacked. a woman ended up getting some shoes and she got blankets to it. why retailers decided to make a donation to the community that really needed it. why a mom wouldn't t a couple of robbers steal her car.
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a mixup is leading to a whole lot of good going onn south florida. >> zappo's the only retailer sent her the wrong shoes and she gave them a call and during the conversation she mentioned flooding that
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community. days later boxes of warm blankets arrived with the correct shoe order. zappos says they will hand out the blankets to those who really need them. taking a look at our top stories, miami-dade commissioners meaning to vote on two ordinances. the chairman proposi to require them to hold higher limit commercial insurance at all times. he also wants drivers to have county background checks. at least 19 people dead after gunman storm a university in pakistan. dozens of others have en hurt. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. and a miami police officer under investigation for verl abuse allegations. a father filing a complaint wit internal affairs after an officer allegedly yelled profanities at both him as well as his son after the 15-year-old accidentally cut off the officer on the turnpike. and local 10 news at 5:30 is coming your way next. >> we're just getting started. we have another check on your forecast.
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watching your commute. right now at 5:30 do not mess with mom. also happening today uber fight. details on a meeting that may stop the ride sharing service from operating ininiami-dade county. developing now two disturbing discors, the bodies officials discovered in miami-dade and broward counties. plus a bomb shell endorsement in the race for the white house. sarah palin helping the donald with the iowa caucuses perhaps. good wededsday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> hello, everybobo. i'm kristi krueger in for jacey all week long. let's get over to our weather authority. julie durda is here with your forecast. >> what a cool week we've had. i hope you all enjoyed it. for now grab those
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scarfs you're going to ed them. it is cool out there. 53 degrees in miami. 52 in ft. lauderdale. 58 in key west. that northwest wind proving for that cool air to stick around all the way down to the keys. look at this temperature right now, 55 in marathon. a cool 52 in pembroke pines, hialeah and kendall and 53 in homestead. these temperatures are anywhere between one and five degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday again all thanks to that northwest wind keeping us cool, freshing and comfortable. granted we still have mid and high level clouds around so we are waking up to cool and cloudy conditions as the kids head to the bus stop. make sure they have those sweaters and evacuation. highs moderating to the low 70s. by then it t ll be warmer and dry. they will not need those jackets. when will you need them back in the forecast, i'll volume those details coming up. >> thank you. i want to show you how things were ono the julia tuttle causeway this morning.
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exit off of biscayne boulevard. miami beach all the way it in the distance. no major issues but we had some ongoing construction concerns and bridge maintenance here affecting eastbound and west-bound lanes. it looks like it's not affecting traffic and they are probably cleared out of there already which is great. let's get to some of those accidents we're watching for you already there especially on t t i. this is at the golden glades but i-95 here northbound at ives dairy road. that's where we had a crash reported off of ives dairy blocking one lane of traff. clearing up at 64 miles per hour. also 595 west-bounat the turnpike, same story here, things arebeginning to clear up. not really seeing anything in the way of slowdowns with those speeds at 66 miles per hour. finally some drive times on i-95 southbound. you're starting at hollywood boulevard heading towardsds the glades only going to take you six minutes whwhh is average for
5:26 am
heading into downtown miami about nine minutes. >> tpanks a lot, constance. a trio of crooks tries to run up and carjack an unsuspecting woman. they quickly find out, you know what, you do not mess with a mom, no way. the confrontation caught on a hialeah surveillance video, two men, one woman, they are seen runningp to an s.u.v. but that driver quickly locks heroors and then they move on to the red convertible there. one of them hopping inside the car and that's when januaryie pedrrone drags them out of the car. >> they both end up running away. >> it turns out the victim wasn't just protecting her car. her two young which i know were also inside. the suspects were found shortly after by police.
5:27 am
handguns in their possession. commissioners will be voting on ordinance that's could drive the ride share service out of the community. people planning to protest this as early as 8:00. local 10 news reporter ben kennedy inn miami to explain what these ordinances are, if you plan on hitting that request button, what does it mean, ben? >>reporter: first county leaders say they want ti keep passengers safe. uber disagrees, calling this new situation hostile. if it happens, they say they cannot operate here in the county. uber is makinin threats to drive out of miami-dade county after an ordinance was put on the table which would regulate the ride-sharing service. >> they are currently operating here illegally and thererore i'm providing a platform that would allow them to operate legally. >> the legislation would require all transportation network drivers hold higher limit commercial insurance at all times, not just for the
5:28 am
it would also require drivers undergo background checks with theounty. >> it would be beneficial for the county as a whole if we know who is driving our residents. >> uber disagrees, even put out an add targeting the commissioner claiming he wants to take away safe, reliable transportation, even calling the ordinance hostile and, if it passes, they are out. there is a second proposal which would keep insurance as it is. and baground checks in the hands of companies like uber and lyft but with county oversight. >> allows the taxi and limo industry to be more competitive with this emerging technology and not do it the other way arouou and then we kind of regress. >>reporter: uber, lyft say they already do these background checks so this should n/t be any kind of an issue. the proposal will be talked about here behind me in a couple hours and
5:29 am
happen close to 8:00 a.m. pretty much where i am standing. ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> ben, thanks so much. now to a developing story out of homestead where police made just a disturbing discovery i a freezer. a body's body when sheriff's deputies say she was attempting suicide and that's when she told officers that she haha a baby boy and that that little boy was in a freezer. they went to her home in northwest third court and that's where they did find the body of a less than one-year-old baby in the freezer. investigators are waiting for a report from the medical examiner's office to find out exactly what happened and nobody yet has been charged with this crime. another disturbing discovery under investigation today. we're waiting to learn how a man whose body was found near a college campus died. that man was discovered in alake floating behind the broward health south campus.
5:30 am
between 45 and 55 years old. a teenager remains in intensive care yesterday morning after he was shot in florida city. he was shot three times on monday night near eighth place and 14th street. the shooting appears to be gang related. and right now we're on verdict watch in the trial hamilton a former broward teacher's union boss whose accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars. 68-year-old santaramo reportedly stole $68,000from the broward' teachers. investigators say he schemed with a friend and construction company owner to inflate invoices, then those two would allegedly pocket all of the extra cash. >> he sat up here, looked you in the eye and told you things that were just not true. >> pat santaramo was not guilty of these charges and all the charges. >>antaramo resigned in 2012. he was then arrested
5:31 am
the former teacher's president is also accused of using the credit card for profit. the jury deliberating yesterday. they will continue this rning. hearing about some of my fellow mares supportingnge really gave me the strength to putp with over four years of some very difficult times. >> a former u.s. marine freed by iran this weekend says he feels alive for the very first time. one of four americans freed as part of a prisoner swap. he spentore than four years in an iranian prison. the arican diplomat who negotiated the release of those prisoners last week says this deal almost didn't happen. he brokered the deal over 14 months, saying the deal almost fell apart several times. they allot -- ultimately were able to work things out. magazine publishing
5:32 am
claims as jihadi john. this is the first time the militant group showed the unmasked face. jihadi john killed several hostage on camera including journalist steven sotloff. now to a health alert this morning. a mosquito borne virus linked to birth defects has been found here in south florida. three people including two in miami-dade county have contracted the zika virus. there have been no outbreaks here in florida. we're told these two people in miami-dade county had recently traveled to colombia and that's where they likely were infected. the descreedz and centers for disease control and prevention issued a warning for anyone traveling to the
5:33 am
including mexico and several counties here in central and south florida, brazil has a big problem right now. symptoms can include rashes, fever, headaches, pain behind the eyes, even joint pain. this i not transmitted from person to person, but if you're out and about, you should take preventive measures against mosquito bites. are you ready for a commander-in-chief who will let our warriors do their jobs and kick i isis 's [bleep] >> the former alaska governor who also ran for the vice president denseie through her weight behind an event in iowa last week. he's deadlocked with ted grouses. >> according to the
5:34 am
and kicked his girlfriend in the head. he's out on@ $1500 bail. the latest national poll show that front runner hillary clinton with a double digit lead now over her rival bernie sanders but it is a very different story in new hampshire. a brand new poll there shows the vermont senator leading the former secretary of stat by 27 points that i know state which kicks off the primaries on february the 9th. ben carson meantime has suspended his campaign events after a car crash killed one of his volunteers. a campaign spokesperson says three of carson's volunteers a awell as a staffer, they were all riding through western iowa in a van yesterday whether it slid on an icy patch in the road and was hit by a car. volunteer braden joplin died at the hospital yesterday afternoon. >> braden joplin was an amazing young man. i had an opportunity to
5:35 am
and the thing that impressed me the most was how compassionate he was, how caring he was about the feelings of other people. >> carson went on to say that joplin wanted america to be a kinder and gentler place. he hopes the 25's-year-old death will not it be in vain. the fish finalizing another deal. the new marlins player who just signed, get this, an $80 million contract.
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with this morning. in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be.
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publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. overnight pakistani police say multiple people killed after a gunmnm stormed a local university.
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responsibility for this attack. we're told several explosions were heard in the area of a gun battle between these attackers and the army h now ended. we'll keep you updated here on local 10. police on the hunt for two thieves who stole a pick-up truck in miramar. >> the theft happened right here southwest 174th avenue right near th court. you can see the suspects working to unhook that tailgate right before walking away. if you recognize these guys, you are urged to call police. right now most of the country feeling the winter weather. take a look at these images right here. this is from omaha. winter weather made driving really tricky. tens of millions of americans could be hit about a snowstorm by the end of the wk. it would not be snowing here of course but we would be feeling a little chillier. the sound of tires
5:39 am
they are eager and happy to forget. >> no, not at all. i'm sure they are all very happy to be here with temperatures in the 50s. us south floridians are like we need sweaters and scarfs. every time i think of omaha, i feel like i hear peyton manning going omaha, omaha. he calls out his plays. you'll be watchingg them this weekend i'm sure. temperatures are in the 50s right now, miami and ft. lauderdale. 58 degrees in key west. these temperatures are a few degrees cooler than yesterday. we talked about that northwest wind at the beginning of the week. that has actually dragged some cool air mass down here to south florida and high pressure has been our fair weather friend providing for us to stay dry, stable, refreshing and been able to hope those doors and enjoy a break from using our ac. thank you mother nature fo saving us money. 52 degrees in pembroke pines. a cool 52en kendall as well as hialeah and
5:40 am
even down by the keys, they are seeing that taste of winter. it is 58 in marathon. we have 55 degrees. so it's very chilly across parts of south florida. these temperatures anywhere between one and six degrees, five degree cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. it's all relevant. to the north o o us we have temperatures in the 20s and 30s. hard freeze watch and warnings in effect for parts of the panhandle d even southern virginia. this morning we'll have the have the culprit. those clouds are not producing precipitation. this is all@ going to change. high pressure will slide off the coast of the carolinas. a shift unour wind direreion will moderate our temperatures and bring us a chance of showers ahead of the cold front. eventually become a nor'easter. the tail-end of the front associated with that low will bring us a better chance of storms by friday. enjoy your wednesday, a
5:41 am
temperatures will moderate because of the east breeze eventuauay going into thursday. a southeast breeze to going to happen. we'll wait for the storms to move in friday afternoon and friday night. once the front clears by saturday afternoon, look at this, the temperatures will be into the 50s. don't put them away even though we'll only need them going into early next week. we have a traffic alert this morning. we have our bridge here, the julia tuttle causeway west-bod completely shun -- shut down.& we're hearing this is a fatal crash right off of alton road. from our traffic maps this morning we're not seeing any slowdowns and that's because nobody's getting by. it's not reporting the slowdowns because traffic is s a standstill. so if you typicallytravel west-bound you leave the beach in the morning, you're not going to be able to take the julia tuttle causeway. you can travel north and
5:42 am
that's a little far north. remember the revenge venetian causeway completely shut down. this is i-95 northbound right atriffin road. no accident scene here. i suspect there's still some construction crews out there picking uphe cones. outside of that everything else looking good. all of our major roadways are clear. miami marchedens, they are celebrating this morning, another bibi signing. tcher chen making his five year, $80 million contract official yesterday. he's expected to be the number two pitcher behind oscar fernandez. why alharpton may
5:43 am
cheap w
5:44 am
people are recovering from injuries after a dog attack that happened in sanford, florida. this happened inside an afrnoon. police say they arrived at the scene, they found five pitbulls attacking a woman there. the victim's injuries are life-threatening. two other adults as well as two which i know were taken to the hospital after this attack. five of those dogs had to be shot while a sixth was taken in by animal control. > an ohio man is behind bars after allegedly trying to save his dog from beg euthanized by replacing it with a looka look dog. the pitbull had been court ordered to be put down after it attacked and almost killed a service dog but he says adopted a dog that looked like his and tried to have that dog put down instead. the spca did notice and tried to stop that from happening. >>ne thing for you to ignore a court order. it's quite another thing
5:45 am
fraud on this court. in my ten years as a judge, i can't recall a moreold and heartless act. >> dawson was found guilty of trying to orchestrate this swap and sentenced to 28 days in jail. meanwhile there e hundreds of animals here in need of loving homes in florida m. >> animal advocate jacey birch has m - -- some kittens that would love a home. reporter: we're here in the cat room of abandoned pet rescue. we're popular because the cats are flocking to us. i think they know we're trying to get them forever homes. >> absoluty. we are celebrating our 20 year xperience. we're one of the largest non-kill shelter in broward county. needless to say a lot of them are looking for forever homes. >> alice is a teenager so s s's talking to me saying come on, get me my home right now.
5:46 am
everybody to remember all of the cats are easier to care for. >> as you can see, they want to lay on your lap and lounge around your house. i have one already stuck with me. they are just all over the place and they want to go home with you. go to, you'll see the list of every single cat with apr right now.this is nice but i have to go. no, keep doing this? i'll stay here. check out all of t cats with abandoned rescue. apparently i'm going to be here with them. mcdonald's adding chocolate covered french fries to the menu. are you happy about this? >> yes. >> schedule your vacation to japan. they make chocolate potatoes. word on whether they get a run here in the u.s. i can proqise you two things, they don't look like that when you get them and that's the
5:47 am
new year's resolutions snapping. >> i don't think that's on my diet. >> japan for the chocolate covered fries. an actress is under investigation in the wake of elel chapo's arrest. >>hat he has to say about the conditions in which el chapo is being held. that's next. we do have a traffic alert for you this morning. this is the julia tuttle west-bound shut down. you do want to avoid that area. you want to take the 79th street causeway instead.
5:48 am
back with us in sometimes you have to turn up the heat to make it a little uncomfortable for those sitting at poolside thinking this will grow away. >> the oscar nominees in all of the acting
5:49 am
second year in a row. reverend al chapton says a boycott would have a bigger impact than he would. the academy awards host bid chris rock, you can watch it live here on local 10. the actress who set up the meeting between drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman is being investigated. one of el chapo's lawyer said the king pen was being held under unconstitutional conditions. that lawyer claims he's not even been allowed to visit his client who is being held at the same maxixim prison. details on the ordinances that may drivehe ride-sharing service right out of miami-dade county. don't mess with mom. you all know this, now it's true.
5:50 am
video that caught a mother fighting off
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we'll have the happening t tay, another uber fight. the changes commissioners are considering today. > udents and keepers killed when gunman opened fire overseas.
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and starts with [bleep] >> plus a one and only exclusive, a miami police officer under investigation for allegedly cussing out a family. we'll tell you what came of last night' meeting. your wednesday forecast. another chilly start to our day. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> hi, everybody. i'm kristi krueger in for jacey birch. we're going to get right over to our forecast now but first we're going to check in with constance because she has a traffic alert for us right now. >> west-bound here at the julia tuttle causeway. we just confirm a person has died this morning due to a crash here. west-bound lanes of alton road, you see all lanes of traffic completely blocked. if you live on the beach and normal low take the julia tuttle causeway you won't be able to getby. all right. so here's a closer look at what i'm talking about here.
5:53 am
delays because traffic
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